Image (c) Jeff Lively


Jacqui's practice focuses on multiples and repetitions to explore perception and observation of the surrounding world, encouraging the viewer to approach the familiar in a new and more considered way. She is fascinated by the intricate and the detail, which comes though in all aspects of her work, including printmaking, surface design, installation and sculpture.

Jacqui originally trained as a graphic designer and illustrator. With brief forays into event management, film, TV and medical illustration, she soon returned to the arts, developing both her own practice and also working closely with groups to encourage creativity, inclusivity and engagement. She has worked with the arts and health sector for over 10 years both in hospitals and other health environments.

Jacqui lives and works on the edge of Manchester, happily located between the city and the Peak District, which allows her to enjoy both urban and rural environments. Her work has been exhibited both in the UK and internationally, most recently in Hong Kong, Beijing and Canada.